April 30, 2012

Hastag Party at Moo Gourmet Burgers, Newtown

It seems like gourmet burger joints in Sydney are a dime a dozen nowadays – so how does one hungry Don decide where to satisfy her cheeseburger cravings? Considering there are certain establishments who aren't interested in the patronage of (or free publicity from) food bloggers, I was intrigued to see that MOO Gourmet Burgers was not only specifically connecting with foodies on the Twitters, but encouraging a growing throng of them to visit to their Newtown location en masse for a #BurgerParty.

What none of us were expecting, however, was how red and plush that carpet they rolled out would be...

Last photo courtesy of @MOOGB

Our own private dining area! Chalkboard greetings! Champagne! Cheesey chips! Goodie bags (including a mezzaluna cutter and HappyLab chocolate)! Most of us were meeting for the first time, so the surprise spoiling made it a much more easy-going experience.

After ploughing valiantly through a Black & White Burger (with an egg yolk and slice of mozzarella that literally defied gravity), it was time for my favourite part of any meal – the sweets!

Strawberries & Cream and Creme Egg MOO Shakes

Fellow Mafioso Mel and myself shared the Strawberries & Cream Moo-shake. It was a blend of milk (obvz), vanilla ice cream, malt, and strawberry syrup, topped with whipped cream – and if you were thinking “Man, that sounds super thick!”, you'd be bang on the money. It took some stirring and two good sucks on my straw before I was able to finally get a taste.

The addition of malt is what sold me on this shake, as it cut through all the cream and sweetness perfectly.  I'm normally not a milkshake-drinker, but I was able to make my way though this one without any issues.

Alas, I didn't get a sample of the speciality Creme Egg moo-shake - between the other milkshake and my dessert, I imagine one sip would've trigged some kind of diabetic coma...

MOO Split

Moo's twist on the classic banana split included an additional biscuit-y topping, of which we chose Tim Tams.

The ingredients of this dessert were simple and basic (I don't imagine it contained gourmet ice cream or organic bananas, or any of the ethic-friendly flourishes Moo advertise of their burgers), but it was a thoroughly enjoyable finish to the meal. The portion size was perfect – providing a nice, pure sugar hit after all the oily richness of the burger, without making me feel sickly or too full.

And I love me a whole maraschino cherry! Yes, I'd definitely order this banana split again.

Special thanks to the MOO crew at Newtown for treating we ragtag bloggers so wonderfully. Check out the Hashtag Party blog for more foodie reports on our rolicking Burger Party!

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  1. Well said, great post!

  2. Wow. That's amazing! How awesome of them to create such a brilliant experience for bloggers!

    The food looks absolutely scrumptious. Will definitely have to check them out!