November 27, 2011

BSB - Heaven

hello there mob members,
it's laura. back again for another dessert post. i have been a little dessert piggy lately, yummo.

when i say BSB, you know exactly where i mean?
if you are not from sydney, then i forgive you but if you are ... i don't think we can be friends anymore. this place is that important to me.

BSB is the bourke st bakery & it is quite possibly the happiest place of earth. with four locations, i'm confident that you can find time to get to one of their locations for a quick bite. just do it, trust me. you can thank me first visit to BSB was a little over two months ago. i did a purchase & dash because i was in a hurry. i lined up & wait for 15 minutes in the line on a saturday morning. however, my morning was probably their lunch rush so i can not comment on what they are like earlier in the a.m.

i ordered a dark chocolate tart with raspberry & marshmallow plus a croissant to share with my friend who allowed me to use her hands for displaying our treats. my friend grabbed a mocha & loved it, i'm trying to avoid coffee at the moment ... i'm not doing so well on that idea, oops!

my next trip back was with my family, on a week day so the crowds were non-existent. we grabbed a table & took our turns running in to look at all the possible options. i decided quickly. when you see a sign that says passionfruit meringue tart ($5) - you do not turn away & pick something else. as an egg white, passionfruit lover - i couldn't say no. my mind was made up, i had found my dessert soulmate. look how beautiful they are!

the chefette came out with a very large piece of carrot cake ($4.50). this carrot cake was delightful. as you can see there isn't much of a frosting, it's more like a crumble. that is because they baked sour cream into the cake, it's a double layer of goodness. the bottom layer is full of nuts (that's what she said), the nuts were crunchy & worked wonders in your mouth.

i personally love this place & because of where their locations are, i'm never far from a tart(twss). if you want to see me of what i had at BSB, head over to starloz.

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  1. I love love love BSB's chocolate and raspberry tart. That thing is a gift from the gods. It's possibly the only thing I like more than their pork and fennel sausage roll - which trust me, is high praise!


  2. I miss BSB, gotta make an effort to visit there more often. I like R above love love love their pork and fennel sausage rolls mmm

    Great review and it's definitely got me wanting to visit there too :)